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What is 50 Kings?

As our social circles have become less geographically dependent and more based on online connections, we realized there was a need for a new kind of social club that wasn’t tied to a single location such as a lodge or a country club.

Throughout the year, 50Kings hosts retreats and adventures exclusively for our members in locations all over the world.

  • When I first came in 2012, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everything about this group, the people, and the adventures have blown me away.

    Roger Lee, Founder & CEO at Captain401, Y-Combinator Summer 2015
  • 50 Kings is basically a fraternal club of successful problem children. The network is fucking insane and global. Best ‘professional organization’ I belong to.

    Joe Stump, Founder at, Advisor at Uber
  • I feel at home with the Kings. These are my kind of people. My tribe.

    Cyan Banister, Partner at Founders Fund

Who we are

Unlike professional networking organizations, such as YPO, our membership is based on friendships first. We discourage ulterior agendas and enforce the strict rules of No Selling, No Snitching (all conversations are off the record), and No Snobbery (all members are treated with equal respect).

Our members are almost exclusively technology industry founders, C-level executives, and investors. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis for media executives and those with unique backgrounds relevant to the core members of the group. We are not open to service providers.


Where it all began

Francisco Dao is over it.

He's been a part of the upstart tech scene for years, and he's seen art of the personal connection disappear. TED has gotten way too big, South by Southwest is "barbecue and everyone f---ing pitching each other," and Dao is just ... over it.

Read the full story here:



British Virgin Islands
Poros, Greece
Saint Barthelemy
Moab, Utah
Moab, Utah
St. Maarten
Cattle Ranch
Cattle Ranch
Moab, Utah
St. Maarten
Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Sailing to Cuba


If you are interested in joining us, you must be referred by a founding member or a current member who has attended the most recent Founders Adventure. Candidates are then screened and approved by our membership director.

We strongly encourage our members to attend events, as bringing people together in real life settings is core to our purpose, however members are free to select events based on their discretion and availability.


Upcoming Events

Unless otherwise specified, all events are for members or members and +1/spouses. Additional “pop-up” events are held throughout the year.

May 21st-28th, 2017

50Kings Founders Adventure – Desert Raid Peru – Members Only

September 2017

50Kings Monaco/St. Tropez Private Yacht – Members and +1/Spouses



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